Healthy, Happy Pigs
& Natural, GMO-free Pork

Tony Andrade Jr with a newborn pig

At Andrade Farms we strive to raise our pigs in a way that respects their natural behavior while enhancing their health and happiness.  Our pigs are born on the farm without the use of farrowing crates and grow up with unlimited access to the outdoors where they can indulge in their instincts to root and forage for grass and bugs.  These tasty treats supplement their diet of GMO-free, antibiotic free feed that we grow ourselves at the farm.  In addition our pigs are not given antibiotics, growth hormones and we do not practice tail docking or teeth clipping.  Our animals well-being is of upmost importance to us and the quality and flavor of our pork is indicative of the care we take while raising them.



Our Pigs

Our pigs are from hearty stock that’s been bred by the Andrade Family since 1974. They are a cross breed between Berkshire, Duroc, Landrace and Yorkshire.

One of our happy pigs



History of Andrade Farms

Wee Little PigsAndrade Farms was started by my parents, Tony and Mary Andrade, in 1974. From 1974 to 2013, they owned and operated about a 200 head, farrow to finish operation while they raised their 4 children. It was a great learning experience for all and when my parents retired, I (Tony Jr.)  took over the Andrade Farms name with a different dream in mind.  With all my experience raising pigs, I opted for a different type of farm, a smaller one with a more natural environment to raise my pigs, and a closer relationship with my customers.   I purchased a few of my parents remaining sows to keep the herd that they started so long ago and I now breed mixed-breed pigs with predominately Berkshire genes as well as Duroc, Landrace and Yorkshire.  The Andrade family is glad to see the tradition of raising quality pork continue in the next generation.

Contact us to place an order for our natural pork available as whole pigs ($4.50/lb ~150lbs of pork), half pigs ($5/lb ~75lbs of pork) or 25lb mixed boxes for $6/lb.

Weaner pigs may also be available at various times throughout the year.